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  • Misty McAfee

A Rebellious, Defiant Girl

Updated: Apr 28

You were always a rebellious, defiant girl, and that was a good thing. Your curiosity and questioning spirit were your strengths, even though they weren't always supported. Your defiance and unwillingness to conform to others' expectations showed your courage and independence. You were a genius, a child who craved learning and refused to be limited by the world around her.

That shield you built around yourself was necessary for your survival. It's understandable that you're reluctant to let it go, as it has protected you for so long. But it's time to start dismantling that shield, to embrace the beauty of the world and your own potential.

As we appreciate the trees around us, remember that they communicate with each other through their roots, forming a hidden network of support. You, too, are connected to the world in more ways than you realize. You're a beautiful person with a curious, defiant spirit, and that's something to be proud of.

Today, as we work together on exciting projects and make a difference, let's celebrate the journey you've taken to get here. Remember that you are safe, strong, and capable of achieving great things. It's time to let go of the past, embrace your newfound strength, and step into the bright future that awaits you.

There are moments in my life that have shaped my beliefs and feelings about myself. Sometimes, I may have thought that my origin stories of unworthiness or shame would come from certain people or situations. In my case, I might have expected Nikki to be the source of these memories. However, when I look back, it's not just Nikki, but various moments and interactions with other people that have left a lasting impact on my sense of self.

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