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The Intricate Dance of Authenticity, Empathy, and Balance

Updated: Apr 28

In the tapestry of human experiences, it's fascinating how we're inherently connected. This interconnection is why we tend to dislike gossip and exclusion, as it makes us feel like others have forgotten our shared humanity. Inevitably we encounter a wide range of personalities, and we can't help but get entangled in the drama of it all.

For instance, when I watch shows like, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I can't help but feel zen watching the metaphorical 'designer knife' twist in the side a loyal friend.

But what does this say about me? Why do I feel the need to tear someone down or bring them back to our level? It is all about balance. When we see someone behaving cruelly or inauthentically, we want to restore equilibrium. Similarly, when we encounter someone struggling, we feel compelled to lift them up. The balance of our world depends on us being content in our own bodies, allowing others to have their experiences, and learning about empathy, love, and caring.

The complexity of this balancing act is further compounded by the prevalence of personality disorders. These disorders may manifest as a denial of our authentic selves, a refusal to relax into who we truly are, and the donning of masks to deceive others. We put on these masks, hoping to win others over in the first few minutes of interaction. But deep down, we fear that if we let go and reveal our true selves, we may lose the ability to connect with others.

This fear of authenticity stems from our inherent desire to be accepted and cared for by others. In turn, we try to take care of others and make them feel good, hoping they will reciprocate. Yet, this often leaves us feeling resentful when we don't receive the same level of care in return.

As we grow and evolve, we gain the opportunity to be closer to our authentic selves than ever before. Like a child or during those vulnerable, hungover mornings in our 20s, we can shed the masks and embrace who we truly are. By doing so, we allow ourselves to experience the intricate dance of authenticity, empathy, and balance, discovering the beauty of being both human and interconnected.

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